Monday, August 23, 2010

Life Is Simple If You Let It Be

Life IS simple. I promise. I've been thinking A LOT lately about what I want in life, and where I need to go. And I think the most important thing I've learned is that things are only as big, hard, or frustrating as I let them be. I've hit an interesting curb recently, one that has truly helped in my personal progression. And this is it: Some days are going to suck, some days are never going to end, and some days I may want to give up...but is life going to stop and wait for me to catch up? NO. So keep pushing and know that things always get better. As long as I'm doing my best. I feel like I've gone from this oober stressed, freaked out individual to a really laid back, "I can do this" mentality. And it is AWESOME:) I recommend it to anyone. Being part of an adoption story has opened my eyes to the things that truly matter. And I've learned a few things. Such as: people (including myself) complain about really stupid things that can easily be fixed with some good ol' positive self talk, there's a lot of unnecessary over evaluating in this world, and immaturity runs deep in the roots of humanity. Well, honestly, I just felt like expressing that:) Everything is good and busy around here still. I visited Sophie today at her home and got to spend time with her and her family. It was wonderful:) She's getting huge! I'll post some pictures asap. Still as cute as can be though, that hasn't changed:)


  1. I hope you don't mind but I put your blog on my blog as one of my favorites to read