Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Soph!

Sophie's Birthday Update is finally here! We celebrated on the fourth of June at my house with a BBQ, gifts, and lots of fun:) Here are pictures from the event:

I held Sophie in my lap as she most willingly opened her gifts. She was very excited as long as she had her handy dandy box of matches in the other hand.

Rebecca helped convince Sophie her cake wasn't as scary or yucky as she first thought.

Sophie was very cautious at first with the cake...perhaps this child has no sweet tooth.

My point exactly...she didn't want the cake until we eased her into it. Silly girl!

"And you want me to do what exactly with this thing?"

Sophie enjoyed lots of time with my siblings:)

And her birth grandma, whom she loves because she represents a constant supply of not just love, but delicious food too:)

My first attempt at cake balls was a success! I used them to decorate Sophie's birthday table.
Rebecca was my inspiration!

It was so much fun celebrating Sophie's first birthday with her and her family. We all think she's just to die for cute and she continues to keep us all laughing. As I suspected, going through her first birthday was hard. June 1st, her actual birth date, was the hardest day of that month. It was difficult not to relive every moment in the hospital that had taken place exactly a year before. I tried to block it out, but the memories came flooding in nonetheless. But thank goodness for Kleenex Tissues, a wonderful Mom, good chic flicks, and ice cream:) Hard times come and hard times go, that's just life!