Friday, November 12, 2010


Sophie's first Halloween was nothing less than a huge success! She was ADORABLE in her little lady bug costume hand crafted by her extremely gifted mother, Rebecca! (when I grow up I wanna be like her) I'll post some pictures here for y'all to see. Unfortunately I was out of town Halloween weekend and was not present when Soph and the Fam stopped by for some tricks-and-treats. But they stayed and hung with my family for awhile while enjoying bits of pumpkin cheesecake. My brother took a video that I will post soon. It was such a treat to come home from my trip and see the recording of her visit. Her two brothers were just as dressed up as she was in hand made costumes and incredible make up! Caleb's hair was dyed black and it looked awesome! Rand had some amazing make-up going on as well:) The day before I left town I did get to see Sophie in her little outfit in person. We attended the Halloween Group Party, which was so fun! Thanks to all who helped put it together!

Anyway, here are the pics!:)