Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We're Writing a Book!

Before I begin can I just thank, from the bottom of my heart, those of you who consistently read and comment on my blog. I love getting feedback, I love hearing your own stories/opinions, and I LOVE the fact that someone other than myself is actually reading:) You guys are all wonderful people who I truly admire for very specific reasons.  Brittnee and Heather, you will always hold a special place in my heart.  You've been there during some of the most insane moments of my life.  And you are incredible women who I can't help but envy and love. To my family and other relatives, this is often the only way I can communicate with you about the goings on in my life, so to you all, I send my love and deep appreciation for who you are and what you do. And to other friends of mine who read, you know who you are.  And I can't thank you enough for influencing my life in the many ways you have.  From the bottom of my heart. Thank You.

Today I have a bit of news for the world.  Over the past year or so, several people have heard bits and pieces of 'My Story'.  Few have heard it all, but no matter. Even those who've heard parts of the whole have suggested Spenser and I collaborate and write a book.  I always just shrugged at the idea, thinking I would never have the time for that. It could take years.  And maybe it will.  But up until the past couple weeks I never even seriously considered it.  I didn't really see the point I guess.  Say we did write a book, then what?  Everyone and anyone knows the story?  Doesn't that kinda take away from the sacredness of it all? That's what I always felt anyway. Until I recently spoke with a friend who said, "ShaNae.  I'm not kidding.  You need to write a book."  And I said, "Nah.  I kinda feel self righteous and egotistical even considering it. Wouldn't you? Like 'oh look at me and my crazy life, aren't you jealous? Good. Cause you shouldn't be' You get what I mean?"  To which she replied, "No.  If I had experienced a life like yours I'd see it as an opportunity.  Crazy or not, look at the people you've already inspired! Imagine if you could spread that kind of thing world wide!"  My eyes got big and I said, "I get what you're saying.  But that doesn't change the fact that I hate being the center of attention.  Writing a book is crazy. That's a HUGE risk."  I then chuckled, thinking about some of the things that would have to be published, and said, "Can you even begin to imagine the kind of hate mail I'd receive?"  I just shook my head as she tilted her hers and said, "Yes I can.  But it wouldn't come anywhere near the amount of love letters you'd get.  From men AND women."  To that, we both laughed.  And I just looked down for a minute, playing with my pen. After a moment of silence she quietly suggested I just think about it. Seriously this time.

So I did.

For weeks.

Writing a book means putting it all on the line.  Throwing myself AND my husband out there for the entire world to critique.  I'm not down with that.   But what if she was right? What if I'm supposed to do this? To help someone, or maybe even multiple someones?  Maybe then it would be worth it...

So I weighed the pros and cons, did some hard praying, and finally made a decision.  The decision to write.  I had to do some research.  I had questions.  Like, can anyone just write and publish a book?  There's no way it's that easy.  And it's not.  But with hard work and some help we can make it happen.  We could have a top seller.  That's our goal anyway. With us it's always go big or go home.  So if we're doin this, we're going big, shootin' for a book that hits the shelves, internationally.  I don't care if it makes money, I just want it to be there, for the right person to pick it up. And this is the last you'll hear about it on the blog.  I want to keep the contents of the book on the DL until there's a tangible final product.

Below are some of the quotes we have used to form the basis of our literary message. Standing where I stand today, having seen what I've seen, there are three things I still truly believe in.  That's God, humanity, and the power of will.  And when the book's finished, it will be easy to understand the hows and whys.

So that's that.  Let the work begin!

What may seem now to be mere unconnected pieces of tile will someday, when we look back, take form and pattern, and we will realize that God was making a mosaic.

-Neal A. Maxwell

❤ absolutely LOVE this!!!

Your life as a Christian should make a nonbeliever question their belief in God

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