Monday, February 25, 2013

My Unedited Thoughts on a Few Things...

Okay so you can probably tell from the title that this post is going to have nothing to do with adoption or my love story.  Instead of doing a continuation of my previous posts I wanted to write a quick blurb about some thoughts I've been having lately.  I just want to throw them out there, maybe plant a few seeds of thought in your head.  I don't ever expect the world to agree with me.  That would be ignorant and naive all at the same time. I appreciate differences, differences are what make this world go round. However, there are some things about people, including myself, that I just DON'T understand. And I wanna see if I'm the only one...So here I have listed a few things accompanied with some meme's, and then my thoughts on the matter.  Hopefully this post is more entertaining than anything else, I'm not looking to start a riot or be taken seriously.  This is just me, throwing crap out there for the world to hear:)

Item number one: Kim freaking Kardashian A.K.A. I'msodumbbuti'mhotsowhocares

Jay-Z and Beyonce, I couldn't agree with you more.

Everyone knows who the Kardashians are right? Well if you don't, heaven has blessed your untainted soul.  And I envy you.  What happened to our nation?! I'll tell you what.  Celebrities and athletes started getting paid more than doctors and teachers and now every thing's just screwed up.  Our society, THE MEDIA, places value on the most worthless items, and the most WORTHLESS PEOPLE. Who gives a crap what Lindsay Lohan wore her first day out of prison.  And who gives an even bigger crap why Kim Kardashian got knocked up by freaking Kanye (bless his soul) while still married to her Ex husband!?!? Oh my gosh, k we gotta calm down.  I'm starting to get heated over here.  All I'm trying to say is I hate it.  I hate all of it.  There is SO much money and time wasted on these people who do absolutely nothing for anyone else and who embody the very things I abhor.  Like materialism, dishonesty, adultery, and let's face it, stupidity.  I wish they'd all just...go away.  Buy a freaking island off the coast of Antarctica and all live there. BYE.

Item number two: people who don't like animals, especially the furry ones.

yourecards | Tumblr

Okay, so maybe you're allergic.  Then you and your allergies can leave and never come back.  It's not my fault your parents' genes messed you up...forever.  So if we're gonna be friends you either down a whole bottle of benadryl before stepping foot into my house, or ya better just not come in.  Because the second you bad mouth my dog or cat, shoo him out of the room, or tell him he STINKS AND YOU DON'T LIKE HIM! I'm gonna freak out and claim self defense when the police show up.  And for those of you who just don't like the animals. PERIOD. I don't even know what to say to you.  The meme said it all.

Item number three: Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg #mark #wahlberg #bw #photography

Okay, so I actually TOTALLY get this. And why you'd want to stare at it and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, Spenser and I both get it.  So, I had to share:) For your viewing pleasure. That's all.

Item number four: Stupid people and their stupid brains

I mean really guys.

Right?! When I saw this meme online I was like THANK YOU! People are so dumb.  I'm not going to go up to one of my gay friends and ask, "Hey man, so how bout all this gay marriage debate? What do ya say? Pretty ridiculous right?... What?! You support it!? Holy crap I can't breathe. I'm so upset.  Everyone's gonna find out.  What are people gonna say? Blah Blah Blah..." Seriously? C'mon.  What kills me is when the president of Chick fil a issued a statement against gay marriage and the country was in OUTRAGE what were all the gays doin? Eating at his restaurants.  Unintelligent FOX news devotees were saying, "How dare he discriminate, how dare he voice something like that, and so on so forth."  While the rest of us said, "Uh, hello! We already knew he AND his company standards were staunchly Christian, so don't act like you just found out your mother's baby has two heads!" You're making yourself look stupid.  And secondly, I just want to thank all those intelligent homosexuals who openly supported the president of chick fil a by actually purchasing food items and eating them at his restaurants. Why would they do that you ask? Because they support FREEDOM. That's what the president of this fast food chain was exercising right? Freedom of speech? Isn't that what gay's want? Freedom? See, they're on the same team:) How nice. So shut up and leave. And take your stupid questions with you.

Item number five: I'm pretty stupid sometimes too


Okay so now that I just poked pretty hard at all you FOX news idiots I feel kinda bad. So here's a little jab at myself.  Observe above meme....Ever experienced that? Ya, well I DO THAT. All the time.  To Spenser. And it makes him so mad.  I can't help that when we're sitting, he's reading, and I'm thinking "I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored. I need some attention. I want you. HEY. YOU! I'M HOTTER THAN THAT BOOK YOU'RE READING!" that eventually I verbalize those very thoughts and start pouncin around like a freaking kitten on steroids. It works.  I get his attention, though slightly negative.  Until he warms up to the idea of a nice cuddle sesh.  Then he calms down, and I'm calm cause I finally got what I wanted, so it's like this perfect, calm get together we never would have had, had I not convinced him I'm much better than his book.

Item number six: What the heck, I have bags under my eyes

Me..all the time!

So the other morning I woke up and walked into the bathroom feeling like crap. Story of my life.  I looked in the mirror and holy Sh*! I had massive bags under my eyes. Pardon my false expletive but I'm not kiddin you.  I looked like I had eaten a little too much the night before and stored it under my eyes for the days to come in case our food storage ran out.  It was like all those nights I hadn't slept had finally caught up to me.  Usually I can pull off this "oh don't worry, I didn't sleep last night, but I can still get ready and keep it together" look. Mmmhmmm, not that day.  It did NOT happen that day. And I got a little upset.  Nope, that's keeping it mild.  I got A LOT upset.  I cried.  It was a mix of no sleep, ever.  Lack of carbs.  No make-up on yet so I'm gross faced.  I have to work today.  I have a test tomorrow. I smell bad.  I think I'm hormonal.  And...WHY IS IT, when I want to sleep, I CAN'T. And when I can't sleep, I REALLY want to??? Every single stinkin night I go through this with myself. It's like a never ending torture that I've been cursed with because...well....probably because I'm a Ginger.  Every night, around eleven o clock I think to myself, "Oh wow, I'm exhausted. I'm gonna go to bed now. Ya, that sounds good." So, I get all ready.  Lookin all cute and cozy in my flannel pajamas, I cuddle under the duvet, and rest my head on my nice, soft pillow. AND THEN WHAT HAPPENS?! "Holy Crap! Unicorns! Rainbows! Iguanas! Ice Cream! Chickens! Fuzzies! School hurts! Mary Kate and Ashley! Campbell's! Movies! Money! I MUST CLEAN! WOW!" And it just doesn't stop.  For like...mmmm...three hours most nights.  And then when I finally fall asleep I wake up every hour cause my dreams are so intense i just can't even stay asleep! What a life right? I tell ya, I'm livin' the dream. pun intended.

Item number seven: Where did Michael Scott go?:(


This is my last item.  I just wanted to see if I was the only one completely left in ruins when Michael Scott left The Office.  I mean, what the heck is Steve doing now? You don't see him anywhere else! It's not like he wanted a normal life, free from all the fortune and fame. Free to be with friends, family, and loved ones.  Free to be someone other than Michael Scott for a change...No way.  He wouldn't want that.  Ya, well maybe he did. But I miss him and all his glory. I love you Steve, come back. Forever.  

Okay, so those are a few things I've been thinkin about lately and just wanted to chuck out there.  Hope they were thought provoking or at least, entertaining.  I enjoyed writing for you today.  Until next time!

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