Thursday, December 15, 2011

Adoptive CoupleS Spotlight!:) (Continued)

Ok, so for some reason Blogger is being DUMB and won't let me publish both my spotlights together. so, here is the second half:)

Please meet Ryan and Kristen:

Okay, so here's a quick little story for y'all. One fine day, I received an email from a friend I met back in high school. I hope she doesn't mind if I use her name on here...because here it goes. Ryan and Kristen are the wonderful older sister and brother-in-law of Natalie Hullinger. Some of you may have heard of her, she's become an amazing and talented musical artist who just released her first CD titled, Chronic Case of Love. If you'd like to hear some of her stuff, or just look at her ADORABLE photos online (Sorry Natalie, I hope that doesn't sound too creepy) just log into facebook and go to

So, the email I received from Ms. Natalie asked me to check out her sister's adoption blog and consider giving them a spotlight on mine. So, I immediately went to their page and it took all of oh...two seconds to see how cute of a couple they are. Though Ryan and Kristin and I have never met in person, my heart goes out to them in their efforts to expand their family. They have been married for six years and are patiently waiting for their little baby to come home through adoption. Please take the time to check them out at

As always, you wonderful adoptive couples are in my prayers and I can not wait to see where this road takes you. I wish you the best, and I will be keeping tabs. You men and women are incredible. Thanks for letting me spotlight you!

Till next time:)

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